If I knew you were coming…

If you haven’t guessed already, I love baking! So when my friends or family come over to visit I tend to bake something or another ūüôā

Most of the time it’s a classic Victoria sponge, which is nice with a mug of green tea or normal tea, whichever ha! Other times I like to do something different, like my honey and nut cake or chocolate melting cake or pretty little cupcakes. Continue reading

Baking With A Genius

Since I started baking my little sister has been asking me to “teach” her how to bake cakes.¬†She’s very persistent for a 9 year old so just before her 9th birthday I decided to bake cupcakes with her.
Obviously everything had to be pink and “girly” so I went out and bought some pink and purple icing pens, edible pearls and sugar crafted roses.
She came over that afternoon, extremely excited! I was a little scared about baking with her, I’ve never done baking with kids so I was not prepared for the mess and the bossiness!¬†

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The Return


It’s been a while and I am now back to share more lovely cakes! ūüôā

For my first post in a while I thought I’d announce a few things…

1. My baking business is well on it’s way and I’m now looking for a place of my own to set up!
2. I’ve been doing more experimenting and I’ve come up with a lot of cool baking techniques to share!
3. I have a 25% off summer discount on all my cakes! So everyone in the Midlands take advantage until 1st July 2013!

Hope you’re looking forward to what’s to come ūüôā

Happy baking!

French Perfection Part Deux

I know I’ve already done a blog on my French favourite, Strawberry Gateaux however, I received another order for it and this time I used a Genoise sponge, with thanks to Eric Lanlard.
For the sponge (dependent on the amount of layers you want the Gateaux to have): Continue reading

My Friends In A Cake

I love experimenting with different ingredients and finding the best ones that compliment each other and excite my taste buds.

However, I believe taste is only one of the major factors when baking.

It is said that we also taste through smell and if the food is appealing to the eye we are more inclined to taste it.

This cake I baked had the sweetness of honey and strawberries smothered in vanilla, Continue reading

Recipe For One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

The Olympic Torch is in Birmingham today and I’ve been thinking all week, if I could represent Birmingham¬†with a cake, what cake would it be?

The answer is, a chocolate cake!


Well, we have history with the Cadbury Family in Birmingham and the Bournville chocolate brand too. Plus we are home to the amazing Cadbury World!

I did say that I’ll keep all the recipes healthy and this one is surprisingly low calorie. If that’s not good enough, it supposedly only uses one bowl for the preparation of the cake, meaning less washing up! ūüėÄ

So here it is, a low calorie, indulgent, Olympics inspired chocolate cake!

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Mad Hatters Galore!

Good ol’ English tea and very British fairy cakes, what more makes a typical tea party?

I hosted a small tea party at my home for a few friends just to showcase some of my baking and have a catch up. The tea was easily organised, so were the savoury snacks. It was just a case of deciding Continue reading

Are The Olympics Inspiring You?

Saturday 30th June- The Olympic Torch will be in my city, Birmingham! ūüôā To celebrate¬†this why not bake an Olympics inspired cake? Or cookies? Or even cake pops?!

For the first time I’m going to share a variety of recipes to use for the occassion and because it’s the Olympics, let’s keep it healthy!¬†

From Wednesday 27th June, at 2pm every afternoon until Saturday 30th June, I’ll share a different recipe for baked goods.¬†

Until then, happy baking! ūüôā xx

No One Can Quite Do It Like The French…I Think.

I’ve attempted to make a light and fluffy¬†gateau so many times and I believe¬†I may have just mastered it!

This week I received an order for a strawberry gateau. This is a family favourite and it can be very simple to make.

The trick is to get the sponge as light and airy as you can by Continue reading