Mad Hatters Galore!

Good ol’ English tea and very British fairy cakes, what more makes a typical tea party?

I hosted a small tea party at my home for a few friends just to showcase some of my baking and have a catch up. The tea was easily organised, so were the savoury snacks. It was just a case of deciding Continue reading

Are The Olympics Inspiring You?

Saturday 30th June- The Olympic Torch will be in my city, Birmingham! 🙂 To celebrate this why not bake an Olympics inspired cake? Or cookies? Or even cake pops?!

For the first time I’m going to share a variety of recipes to use for the occassion and because it’s the Olympics, let’s keep it healthy! 

From Wednesday 27th June, at 2pm every afternoon until Saturday 30th June, I’ll share a different recipe for baked goods. 

Until then, happy baking! 🙂 xx

No One Can Quite Do It Like The French…I Think.

I’ve attempted to make a light and fluffy gateau so many times and I believe I may have just mastered it!

This week I received an order for a strawberry gateau. This is a family favourite and it can be very simple to make.

The trick is to get the sponge as light and airy as you can by Continue reading

Save The Guilt Trip

Ever avoided a cake shop because you’re worried about the calories?

We’ve all done it at some point. Calculating how many calories we have spare today, whether we can fit in a cheeky bite or not. Well it doesn’t always have to be so difficult, especially if you bake it yourself!

There are so many ingredients in cakes that can be substituted, reduced or Continue reading

No Such Thing As Perfect

A cake and a few muffins, how hard can it be? Exactly what I thought until today came. Of course I had bought everything a few days in advance and I even did a preliminary test yesterday where I baked 9 cupcakes just to make sure that the texture was right and to exercise my piping techniques.

The Preliminary Cakes: Continue reading

New Girl In Town

I love baking and I love sharing my joy with my friends and family so I bake and they eat! 🙂

Your nearest and dearest are always your harshest critics. From too buttery to too flakey, I’ve had it all and I can only get better and better. It’s all thanks to my critics that I am as good as I am right now.

I hope for everyone to find my blogs informative and entertaining 🙂 xx