If I knew you were coming…

If you haven’t guessed already, I love baking! So when my friends or family come over to visit I tend to bake something or another 🙂

Most of the time it’s a classic Victoria sponge, which is nice with a mug of green tea or normal tea, whichever ha! Other times I like to do something different, like my honey and nut cake or chocolate melting cake or pretty little cupcakes.

Here’s a collection of a few bakes that I’ve done for friends and family…


(Vanilla sponge drowning in chocolate sauce with white chocolate curls)


(Carrot and cinnamon loaf dusted with confectioner’s sugar)


(Vanilla cupcakes drizzled with caramel sauce and piped fresh cream made for Iranian New Year)

Image(Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate orange frosting made for Iranian New Year)

And here’s my favourite of them all…


(Coconut cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and cute little love hearts)

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

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