Baking With A Genius

Since I started baking my little sister has been asking me to “teach” her how to bake cakes. She’s very persistent for a 9 year old so just before her 9th birthday I decided to bake cupcakes with her.
Obviously everything had to be pink and “girly” so I went out and bought some pink and purple icing pens, edible pearls and sugar crafted roses.
She came over that afternoon, extremely excited! I was a little scared about baking with her, I’ve never done baking with kids so I was not prepared for the mess and the bossiness! 

So we started baking the cupcakes and instead of making a vanilla sponge she decided that we should put the strawberry flavouring in the sponge and the vanilla flavouring in the buttercream. It didn’t sound like a bad idea so I went along with it.
She was pretty good at beating the mixture…look at her go!


Once the mixture was poured into the cases I put them in the oven and we went for a break.
The smell of strawberry just lingered throughout the house. She made a good decision!
When the cupcakes were baked and had cooled down, I got out  Betty Crocker’s vanilla buttercream. Yep, I cheated. I gave it a good stir and added pink food colouring to it but as it is a creamy colour already it turned a peachy colour.
And the decorating began!


 The icing pens were a little difficult to use, even for me but she made good use of them.
And when there was no more decorating to do we ate the rest of the buttercream 😛

pravIt was a successful baking experience and we both enjoyed it. They tasted amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had a strawberry flavoured cupcake.
Here’s my favourite of her masterpieces…


“Every true genius is bound to be naive”

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