Fruit and cream overload!

For the last couple of days I’ve been thinking where shall I start? What shall I post? There’s just so much to share…

In the end I decided I’d share the biggest cake order I have ever had!

A family friend asked me to bake a vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream and fruit on for his son’s 1st birthday, which I was happy to do! He then explained that it must be an egg-less cake that feeds up to 150 people! He also added that he would prefer a tiered cake.

I was grateful that he gave a months notice because I had never done a tiered cake or a cake to feed so many people!!! So yeah, I panicked a little…

First off, I had to find out what size the cake would have to be. I went to a few professional bakeries and asked what size cake would be sufficient to feed 150 people. I figured a square shaped cake would make it easier to get square slices out of it. So after all the research I decided I would do an 8 inch tier on a 12 inch tier on a 16 inch tier.Ā 

2 weeks before the cake was due I got a phone call asking for a separate rectangular cake with the little boys name on it as well as a tiered cake with a “Happy 1st Birthday!” on it. This made my life so much easier so I instantly said okay!

For my egg-less sponge I use a recipe I have always used which is melting the butter or margarine in hot water and adding 2 tablespoons of golden syrup for every 3 large eggs the recipe requires. So that’s a lot of golden syrup for my two 16 inch cakes and a 12 inch cake!

As the cakes were needed at 12 noon on a Sunday morning I decided to bake the sponges the night before and refrigerated them so all I needed to do the next morning was whisk the cream, cut the fruit and decorate.

This is what the 12 inch tier looked like once it came out the oven…


So I was happy with the sponges and it was pretty straight forward from here on!

I cut each tier in half and filled them with cream and strawberry jam. With help from my mother I put two plastic rods through the lower tier and placed the smaller tier on top and started decorating šŸ™‚


The platter cake was just a vanilla sponge topped with icing, fresh cream and lots of fruit šŸ™‚

ImageAnd that was it! It went down very well and there was still some left!


Since then these fresh cream and fruit cakes have been very popular…




“I guess this is just the start of bigger and better things to come.”

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