My Friends In A Cake

I love experimenting with different ingredients and finding the best ones that compliment each other and excite my taste buds.

However, I believe taste is only one of the major factors when baking.

It is said that we also taste through smell and if the food is appealing to the eye we are more inclined to taste it.

This cake I baked had the sweetness of honey and strawberries smothered in vanilla,  the crunch of almonds and cashews in an airy sponge and a slight scent of cinnamon.

It looked like a dream.

I started off just as I would bake a normal vanilla sponge, making sure the butter and sugar was well beaten, nice and fluffy with a pale colour to it. I then whisked the eggs in a seperate bowl to make sure the sponge would be as airy as possible.

I added the eggs into the mixture a bit at a time and mixed well. (If the mixture starts to curdle add a teaspoon of self raising flour and keep mixing until smooth).

Once the eggs were well mixed, I threw in chopped almonds and cashews, added half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a table spoon of honey and a table spoon of milk and mixed well.

I left the flour for last as mixing this too much can lose the ‘spongeyness’ of the cake. I sieved in the self raising flour bit by bit and gently folded it in with a metal spoon.

I popped a grease proof cake case into a 10 inch baking tin and scooped the mixture in and into the oven it went on 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.


Once it’s out the oven, I let it cool for around 20 minutes before cutting it into half…

I layered the bottom layer with freshly cut strawberries and the top layer with vanilla frosting…


And there you have it…a sweet and nutty cake for any occassion 🙂

My friends enjoyed it and some said it was possibly the best cake I’ve baked…

Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth.

2 thoughts on “My Friends In A Cake

    • Thank you!

      I think after 8 years of baking I’ve gotten very used to it. Practice makes perfect, even though I’ve still not perfected my own skills just yet.

      Hope you enjoy future posts!

      Happy baking 🙂

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