Mad Hatters Galore!

Good ol’ English tea and very British fairy cakes, what more makes a typical tea party?

I hosted a small tea party at my home for a few friends just to showcase some of my baking and have a catch up. The tea was easily organised, so were the savoury snacks. It was just a case of deciding what to bake.

A chocolate cake? A Victoria sponge? A carrot cake? The options were endless!

What is very tea party like but also quite British, other than fairy cakes?

The answer is scones!

However, rather than just baking individual scones, I decided to bake a scone cake. Yup! It is possible.

Firstly, I baked my lemon fairy cakes with orange zest icing and allowed them to set whilst I started on my scone cake. I didn’t add any currants in the cake as I know that not all people appreciate them, I know I don’t anyway. And rather than adding butter, I added some sunflower oil which made it not only healthier but also more moist on the inside.

Once my scone cake was baked, I cut it into half and let it cool before layering it with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I put the layers together and dusted with a bit of icing sugar and it was done!

After a bit of cleaning and table setting, everything was ready!

The “Don’t Touch” label was for my family. Some of them seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth!

Mom’s china tea set finally came in handy!

Scone cake!

So it’s safe to say, I’ll be hosting another tea party very soon!

“There is a place, like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger. Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am!”


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