No Such Thing As Perfect

A cake and a few muffins, how hard can it be? Exactly what I thought until today came. Of course I had bought everything a few days in advance and I even did a preliminary test yesterday where I baked 9 cupcakes just to make sure that the texture was right and to exercise my piping techniques.

The Preliminary Cakes:


I woke up at 9am, showered and started enjoying my Rice Krispies when it hit me. I had 3 hours to make the cake mix, bake them, wait for them to cool down, make icing, mix up some frosting, colour the icing and frosting, put the frosting into piping bags, decorate the cakes. I started panicking! It seemed like so much to do and now that there was a deadline, it made it feel worse. This was the biggest order I’d received so a little panicking was expected.

Luckily, I had my mother around to help with the odd job but once I put on some Florence and The Machine and got everything organised, everything started to flow smoothly. I sensibly made extra mixture, extra icing and extra frosting. 

The cake came out perfect all over however, the muffins were baking away and rising and rising and not stopping! I had used exactly the same amount of self-raising flour and I had done everything the same as the day before but I knew that any minute now, they were going to spill over the case! Every few minutes I peeked through the glass and prayed that nothing would go wrong. After 5-10 minutes, nothing had happened so I guessed everything would be fine. I checked them and they were perfect! The most perfect muffins I’d ever made 🙂


I had so much time and ingredients left that I decided to send my mom to work with some muffins too.


Yet again, I have no clue what they taste like but judging by the phone call from my moms work place, they’re pretty damn good 😀

The Final Product:


“Actually, I can’t imagine anything more tedious than a perfect person, especially if it was someone who also demanded perfection from me.”

2 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Perfect

  1. These cakes were beautiful!! The sweetness was just right n the presentation was amazing!! I was very impressed and will be ordering more in the future!! I will recommend you to everyone!! =D xx

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